ACRCIT, Guy de Cointet

Jornal serigrafado lançado em 1971, e impresso no California Institute of the Arts. Ao longo das páginas diferentes tipos de explorações de linguagem escrita vão aparecendo: números, modos de escrita, código morse.

O trabalho de Cointet lida com a linguagem, sentido e manipulação por diferentes maneiras: video, pinturas e desenhos, escrita, e gradualmente performances e encenações em que objetos-obra aparecem como suportes de cena.

With this newspaper, Guy de Cointet engages in a radical exploration of language in its various forms: ways of writing, foreign languages, mathematical formulas, symbols, etc. This undertaking focuses on the question of language at the very moment when language no longer conveys meaning but rather conveys images; when language is freed from the compulsion to establish meaning, it thinks of a new role and opens up new possibilities of use. It is important to emphasize that in Cointet’s work there is not a lack of meaning but a powerlessness of meaning or non-sense. In other words, we find ourselves at a point where language can no longer name, since it is too busy inventing new languages, new configurations of signs, new ways of occupying space with language
— Vanessa Desclaux and Christophe Lemaitre (2011/13)

De Cointet explored language by deconstructing it in order to show that it
is made up of systems. By reducing these systems to puzzles, he put
the reader in the position of an active spectator, a player, returning to
a pre-logical stage where words are forms and sounds.

— Marie de Brugerole (2013)

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