Atlas, Gerhard Richter

No começo eu tentei acomodar ali tudo o que estava em algum ponto entre arte e porcaria, e que de alguma maneira parecia uma pena de jogar fora
— Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter’s Atlas is a collection of photographs, newspaper cuttings and sketches that the artist has been assembling since the mid 1960s. A few years later, Richter started to arrange the materials on loose sheets of paper.

At present, Atlas consists of 802 sheets. Spanning a period of almost four decades, the individual sheets reflect different phases of Richter’s life and work (…) Although Gerhard Richter had already begun collecting photographs and press cuttings, he started working on Atlas in the early 1970s by arranging his own and other family photographs on paper.

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