/sub-le/substantivo feminino
1. rebelião individual ou em massa; levante, revolta.”
a s. foi prontamente neutralizada”
falta de sossego, de aceitação (de algo); inquietação, indignação, revolta
“s. do espírito”

“I think that our job as fashion designers is to create clothes for people, that is the honesty of it. That is really the value of our job—to create beautiful, intelligent clothes. (…) we focused on that idea: It is about clothes, about giving value to pieces. The clothes are simple, but with the concept of simplicity as an antidote to useless complication. This is a moment that requires some seriousness, a moment to think and to reflect on things. What do we do, what is fashion for, what are we here for? What can fashion contribute to a community?”